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School Council

Our School Council is made up of 15 children, representatives from every year group other than Foundation Stage.  This year six children share the roles of Chair and Secretary.  The Secretary is responsible for taking and writing up the Minutes.  In previous years we have held elections but this year's councillors were appointed on the strength of their applications.  We had some amazing applications which resulted in 15 rather than the usual 12 appointments.

The Council meet once a month for an hour.  During this time we discuss the progress of our current project and the children bring any matters to the meeting that their peers have raised.  Throughout the year the councillors talk to the whole school during assemblies, updating everyone on the matters in hand.  If it is necessary to go out of the school then a small number of councillors will be selected on rotation. 

Another very important role of the School Council is that of interviewing any prospective teachers.  A meeting with the School Council is very much included in the candidates' day.

The work of the School Council in 2016-17