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Pre School

All Cannings is a small community run pre-school which operates from the Village Hall in All Cannings.  It offers a high standard of pre-school education for children aged 2-5 years.  They are a well-resourced pre school with a high adult to child ratio, offering a secure and stimulating environment in which each child is valued and makes a contribution.  Emphasis is placed on personal, social and emotional development through which the play-based curriculum is delivered by experienced, qualified staff.  They are registered as an education charity.

Their objectives are:

  • to enhance the social, emotional, intellectual, creative, language and physical development of Pre School children in a parent-involving community based group
  • to learn through fun and play
  • to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment
  • to provide a specially tailored curriculum for the group and the individual child within the framework of the Early Years Foundation Stage and following the PSLA philosophy of Learning through Play;
  • to work within a framework which ensures equality of opportunity for all children and families, within which each child can function to the best of their abilities;
  • to maintain a high adult to child ratio to achieve this objective and to provide for the specialised need of a child of this age;
  • to maintain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and offer parents as much involvement in the progress of their child and the running of Pre School as they wish;
  • to function as part of the wider community;
  • to be a source of advice and liaison, a meeting point for parents and to be a springboard for children to venture into the wider world. 

Opening Times

The Pre School has extended its hours and is now open for 30 hours a week (times below).  If you would like more information please contact them for further details.

  • 8.45 to 3.00 Monday to Thursday
  • 8.45 to 2.00 Friday 

Contact Details

Tel:                  01380 860171
Address:         Village Hall, All Cannings, SN10 3PA Devizes


Further Information

Pre School Ofsted Inspection Report