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Soft Federation

Members: All Cannings CE Primary School, Chirton CE Primary School

Our soft federation arrangement was established in 2013 when Chirton were in an uncertain position with only 19 pupils on role.  The schools now work closely together.  There is a good level of sharing of resources across the two schools, now with greater parity. 


The Head Teacher and Intervention Manager work over at Chirton and teaching assistants and other staff have also worked at both schools.  When this happens, the two schools invoice each other.  Shared expertise and subject leadership continues to be developed, allowing us to develop new initiatives such as Forest Schools and to try and reduce staff workload/raise standards by allowing staff to focus on fewer subject areas.  There are regular joint staff meetings and staff teaching the same age groups can plan, moderate and share resources together.  Each term there are a variety of pupil activities which would not necessarily happen if we were individual schools.  Governors are also able to work together to develop individual and collective strengths.

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