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Parent Focus Group

One of the areas identified for improvement from a past Parent Survey was communication and the newly formed Parent Focus Group met for the first time in October 2015.  The group is made up of new and established members of the school community, with pupils in all year groups, some living in the village and others further afield.  The members will help to gauge parent reaction and opinion as well as minimising low level issues which can arise through misunderstanding or a lack of information.  The group will meet every couple of months and will send out a list of topics they intend to discuss through the newsletter so other parents can give their input.

The members of the group are: Jess Shergold, Emma Paffley,  Ruth Deadman, Diana Hitchcock, Karen England and Rebecca Grigg.

Below are the notes from the most recent meeting together with those from our previous meetings:

 Autumn 2015              Spring 2016               Summer 2016                 Autumn 2016

  Summer 2017             Autumn 2017

Parent Focus Group Meeting

Spring 2018

Focus Area

Key Points/Outcome








Following the recent SIAMS inspection, the subsequent report gave our school a ‘good’ grading.  We are pleased with this and feel it is a true reflection of where we are currently.  The school is now developing an action plan and considering the next steps.  All Cannings is proud to be a church school, which works with families in a variety of ways to match its own ethos with their own personal values.  Any families join us on the clear understanding that we are a church school whose Christian distinctiveness is apparent at all levels.  However, we also recognise that, when questioned, many parents have not chosen to come to our school predominantly for its church school status.  There is always a desire to improve and strengthen any important aspect of school life.  Recognising these points, school will focus on the three specific areas for improvement identified in the report.  This will result in further improvement and progress across existing areas in a measured way rather than fundamentally changing the feel and culture of the school. 





Following the last meeting, parents had sought further feedback which highlighted several instances of problems with deliveries to Scholars and parents not receiving calls when stock had arrived.  It was agreed that the school would contact to Scholars to discuss the issues.  If you have specific issues you would like us to raise please email these to the office by

There was a suggestion for blue polo shirts to be worn in addition to the white ones as these would retain their colour better over time.  The Parent Focus Group will talk to parents and the School Council will speak to pupils to gauge the strength of feeling on this.  A decision will be communicated to everyone by the end of February. 







Class Sizes

Some concerns had been expressed over rising class sizes in KS1 particularly with regards to our large Year 2 cohort who are currently split between Classes 2 and 3.  Class sizes were a tricky balancing act.  The school has a PAN (admission number) of 21 and there is a legal limit of 30 in any KS1 class.  Whilst the school has grown over several years, variations in birth rates and applications year on year always prove a challenge and current class sizes are smaller than in previous years.  There has been an overall reduction of 10 children since last year resulting in a reduction in income of £30k.  If this were to be replicated across several years the financial impact would be significant with potential reductions in resources, including staff.

Parents have asked whether increased class sizes may have an impact on behaviour in the classes mentioned.  The school was aware of the challenges of a larger cohort and the parents present recognised that any concerns were restricted to the less structured points of the day, particularly playtimes and lunchtimes.  As a result, staff and pupils are reviewing current arrangements.   In the next newsletter, school will also give parents information on cohort and class sizes and encourage them to come in and talk if they have particular concerns.

Issues Raised through Group by Parents

Learning Logs

Parents asked if there could be more extensive feedback, recognising both the quality of the work and how well the brief had been followed.  The school would revisit the guidelines.



Parents recognise the greater consistency, clarity and parity in the awarding of house points and certificates between classes.  All understand the potential challenge of ensuring consistently well behaving children are noticed and recognised and will monitor this over the coming months.