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Parent Focus Group

One of the areas identified for improvement from a past Parent Survey was communication and the newly formed Parent Focus Group met for the first time in October 2015.  The group is made up of new and established members of the school community, with pupils in all year groups, some living in the village and others further afield.  The members will help to gauge parent reaction and opinion as well as minimising low level issues which can arise through misunderstanding or a lack of information.  The group will meet every couple of months and will send out a list of topics they intend to discuss through the newsletter so other parents can give their input.

The members of the group are: Jess Shergold, Emma Paffley,  Ruth Deadman, Diana Hitchcock, Karen England and Rebecca Grigg.

Below are the notes from the most recent meeting together with those from our previous meetings:

 Autumn 2015              Spring 2016               Summer 2016                 Autumn 2016

  Summer 2017             Autumn 2017           Spring 2018                     Summer 2018

Parent Focus Group Meeting

Autumn term 2018

Focus Area

Key Points/Outcome




Since its formation in 2015, the group has made a positive contribution on behalf of the parent body.  With one or two members leaving due to other commitments, there was a discussion about the future in terms of both representation and numbers.  New parents would be welcome, particularly from classes 1 and 4, which currently have no representation, and a membership of around eight parents was felt to be the optimum number. 





Clarification was sought on appropriate kit for in-school and after-school sports clubs.  Whilst PE kit should be worn for normal PE lessons, it is not a requirement for school clubs, including those taking place in lunchtimes..  As football club is held on the field, the children do get muddy so it is preferable for them to wear their own choice of kit rather than get their PE dirty if it is needed for a lesson the next day.  This will be confirmed in the school newsletter.  In future, kit requirements, e.g. shin pads, will be given out at the time of booking the clubs for the benefit of parents whose children are not regular members of external clubs.



 House Certificates

Last year, in response to feedback from the group, the process for awarding house certificates was reviewed to ensure consistency of reward across all the classes.  It was felt, as a result that significantly fewer bronze, silver and gold certificates were awarded and the balance may have swung too far in the other direction.  This feedback will be shared with staff.



 Golden Worship

A parent had asked if they could know, in advance, whether their child would be presenting or speaking in Golden Worship.  The school recognises the value in creating opportunities for children to develop their oracy skills which is an area of focus on this year’s School Improvement Plan.  At the same time, this had to be considered against the demands on staff in preparing and informing parents in advance.  Mr Borman will discuss current and alternative arrangements with staff.


Cinema Trip

Parents have been informed about the forthcoming whole school trips to the cinema.  One or two parents were concerned about the theme of the Year 5/6 film for their particular children.  Parents who were worried about this were advised to speak to Mr Borman individually but there was a very small amount of flexibility.


Drop Off

The morning drop off is now manned by a small number of long serving volunteers who are concerned about the long-term viability of the arrangement if new parents do not come on board.  A letter has been sent out by Carol Little asking for volunteers following regular request in the newsletter.




The school acknowledged that this year there had been several trips in close succession with fairly short notice for payments.  This had been further complicated by the weather which had resulted in a delay in the London trip.  The scheduling of future trips would be reviewed.  It was also suggested that parents may not be aware that it is possible to pay by credit card on Parent Pay which could help in spreading payments.



Multi Academy Trust

Following notification to parents of the granting of the school’s Academy Order, there were questions about the impact on the school, in terms of the visibility and availability of the Head and the demands from potentially supporting other schools in the MAT.  Mr Borman, the governors and the school were aware of the issue and plans were being prepared to address this.  Parents would have the opportunity to raise any concerns and questions during the consultation process for the academy conversion.



School Improvement Plan

The key areas of focus were shared with parents.  These are:

  • A review of the vision and Christian values following the SIAMS inspection in December 2017
  • Articulation and its application
  • Depth and breadth in learning
Details will be sent out to parents next week and it will also be uploaded to the school’s website.

Issues Raised through Group by Parents


  • A parent had asked if the teacher currently providing singing at Chirton could also be employed at All Cannings.  The school is not able to consider this at the moment as the cost has not been included in the budget but this will be reviewed in the summer.
  • A parent who had children in classes 2 and 3 had only been able to go to one of the parent meetings as they were held on the same date.  An option for the future would be to spread the meetings over three days.