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Physical education/sport

PE/Sport - Statement of Curriculum Intent

Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.” - Unknown


At All Cannings School, our ambition is for all our pupils to achieve in PE, Sport and life. Our learning in PE makes a difference by giving every child physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills which will embed lifelong values to support their mental and physical wellbeing.

Through our fully inclusive Physical Education curriculum, we give children the tools and understanding required to make a positive impact on their own health and well-being. We want all children to experience a wide variety of sports and physical skills which will enhance life-long fitness and life choices. We believe that PE can be a fantastic vehicle to develop a range of personal, social, physical, cognitive and creative abilities that transfer outside the sporting environment. 

PE - 2023-2024


PE at All Cannings is primarily taught by class teachers, TAs and MAT PE specialists, but also occasionally by qualified external sports coaches. Children have equal opportunities to take part in a range of sports and physical activities within a supportive environment where effort as well as success is recognised. Children are encouraged to participate in exercise throughout the day during PE lessons, clubs, outdoor learning, lunch provision and special events. The PE curriculum is structured to provide a wide range of sports and PE experiences, during which every child participates in order to develop their skills and learning. We place a high emphasis on participation and enjoyment, but also provide extensive opportunities for pupils to take part in healthy and inclusive competition.

Our curriculum is built around the ‘Real PE’ scheme, which places the learner at the heart of practice with the ultimate goal that all children feel valued, included, challenged and supported in their learning. Our approach is holistic and fully inclusive; pupils with additional needs are provided with the appropriate support to take part and gain confidence in skills, understanding and motivation. The foundations of the scheme are based on the fundamental movement skills of agility, balance and coordination, alongside the development of social, personal, health & fitness, cognitive and creative abilities focusing on developing the individual skills of the pupils.


Children are motivated to participate in a variety of sports through high quality teaching that is both engaging and fun. In addition to this, all pupils have the opportunity to take part in a range of non-competitive events and competitive festivals for which uptake is extremely high. From our lessons, our children learn to take responsibility for their own health and fitness with many choosing to participate in extra-curricular clubs and out of school sporting activities.

As the children continue their learning journeys, we equip them to live happy and healthy lives utilising the skills acquired in PE both within and outside of the sporting environment. They will hopefully grow up to live happy, healthy lives applying the skills and knowledge acquired through PE.

PE 2022-23

 Progression of Skills in PE