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Class 6

In Class 6, we have a huge emphasis on ensuring our learning is creative and challenging. This year, we will have a focus on encouraging teamwork, responsibility and leadership. There are many opportunities for the children to build on these focuses in the classroom and around school, including sports leaders, worship leaders, school council and helping around the school for our many events and sporting days. As the children grow, being in upper KS2 means that independence is key; having that confidence and self-belief to have ownership over their learning is another strong focus in our class.  

 Our curriculum in Class 6 sees another year of exciting and thought-provoking topics, which will encourage the class to be curious and dig deeper as well as making connections with previous learning. From volcanoes to Romans and from evolution to Mayans, there's plenty to explore in Class 6 and constant opportunities for inquisitive learning to take place. Frequently, our learning will be cross-curricular and encourage the children to build links with their knowledge. 

This year, our classroom is in the mobile, which provides plenty of space for the classes growing independence. As some of our children get ready for the next chapter in the school journey, it also helps with the feeling of moving on to the next phase of their learning. 

Class 6 2023-24


Class 6 Topic Web Terms 3 and 4 2023-24