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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3! By working in a cosy yet lovely little classroom this year, we are very much a close-knit team who always strive to support each other and work together to be the best that we can be. Having recently completed KS1, we are supporting the children with their transition into KS2. Our nurturing approach means that the children are already adjusting to the increased expectations of the KS2 curriculum. In Class 3, we support the children with developing their resilience and with becoming more independent. Through our constant encouragement and by implementing a growth mindset approach, we expect to see pupils’ self-belief soar along with a willingness to take risks in their learning as the year progresses.

Class 3 comprises Year 3 pupils, who are taught by Miss Andrews on a daily basis. We are supported by our fantastic TA, Mrs Harrison, who is experienced at supporting the KS1 to KS2 transition process. Every morning, we teach English, which can be in the form of reading, writing, speaking and listening, or spelling, punctuation and grammar. As much as possible, we endeavour to link writing genres to our current topic, in order to increase depth of learning by making links, and to make learning relevant. In addition, we teach discrete maths lessons on a daily basis. Where appropriate, we make opportunities for interleaving so that children can make meaningful links across disciplines and strengthen connections.

During the Autumn Term, we are time-travelling back to Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain. We are very excited for our forthcoming visit from Portals to the Past, which will be led by ‘Sid the Viking’ and is due to take place in November. In the Spring Term, we will move on to a science and geography focus in our ‘Plants and Our Planet’ topic. In line with our love for music at All Cannings, Classes 3 and 4 will be participating in Young Voices at the 02 in January 2023 –we cannot wait to perform as part of the largest school choir in the world! We have a ‘sweet’ plan for the Summer Term with a twist – ‘Just a Spoonful of Sugar’, in fact! For the first half of the term, we will take a thematic approach when learning about medicine and disease through time. Our second half of the term is set to be less gruesome as we will be learning all about chocolate in terms of its history and how it is transformed from bean to bar. They do say that chocolate is the best medicine! Within this topic, our hands are set to get a bit messy when we use chocolate (amongst other foods and materials) to help us investigate changing materials in science.   

Class 3 2022-23


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