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Class 4

Core subjects:

  • We are amazing mathematicians in Year 4!  We had great fun learning about Roman numerals this term.
  • In English, we have been learning about hero myths and key literary techniques including the rule-of-3, narrative tension and similes.  Miss Humphreys was very impressed when we transformed Laurence into a hero with 'teeth as white as pearls' and 'a stare as hypnotic as the morning sun'.  


Year 4 have really enjoyed learning about the Anglo-Saxons this term.  One of the highlights was when we learnt about how the Anglo-Saxons have influenced Britain.  We learnt that place names with suffixes such as '-ham', '-ford' and '-ings' originate from the Anglo-Saxon period.

Anglo-Saxon place names also have special meanings.  We learnt that the suffix '-ings' often meant '___'s people'.  For example, people who lived in the 'village' of Reading were 'Redda's people'.  Redda was the chieftain.  What might this suggest about All Cannings?

We have been working hard to design and create our own ornate Anglo-Saxon-style jewellery. We made our jewellery out of clay, using the ‘score-slip-blend’ technique and a variety of tools for making marks. We are very proud of the final results!

Linking in with our work in Art this term, we had a surprise visit from Stuart from Lee's Jewellers! Stuart showed us some of the gemstones that the Anglo-Saxons used in their jewellery, such as sapphire and amber.  Some of us got to have a go at hammering different patterns into a piece of silver, which Stuart then shaped into a beautiful bangle!

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