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Class 4

In Class 4, we provide an inclusive, supportive and nurturing environment where all individual differences are celebrated and nourished. By learning in a smaller classroom environment, we are a close-knit group and feel like a little family! We endeavour to deliver a bespoke approach; learning is constantly adapted to meet individual needs and pupils are challenged appropriately. Now that pupils are established in Lower Key Stage Two, emphasis is placed on fostering independence and their use of initiative when selecting classroom resources to maximise their learning. When learning is challenging, we help children to reflect on how making mistakes is a natural and expected part of the learning process – we can learn from them! Likewise, we support children to approach their learning with resilience and a steely determination to achieve their personal best. Helped by the nature of a smaller classroom, all pupils readily participate in class and are able to articulate themselves confidently when sharing their ideas.

During the year, our learning will take us on an exciting journey from prehistoric times (Stone Age to Iron Age) to life and practices that took place in Ancient Egypt. Our science and geography drivers will take us on an adventure around the world when learning about biomes and living things. We adopt a creative approach to our curriculum and encourage the children to make meaningful links across subject areas. This metacognitive approach means that pupils are increasingly able to make thoughtful connections. Not only do we maintain high expectations with regards to learning, we place emphasis on the importance of being kind and showing empathy by putting ourselves in other people’s shoes. We nourish and support the children to become well-rounded individuals; the best they can be!


Class 4 2023-24

  Class 4 Topic Web Terms 3 and 4 2023-24