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Class 5

This year, the Class 5 team is a made up of amazing Y4 and Y5 children and three adults, Mrs Wellard, Mr Borman and Miss Shergold. Our big focus this year is on developing the children as independent learners because this makes such a difference as the children look ahead and prepare for the transition to secondary school. By making the learning challenging and engaging, our intention is to develop the sense of responsibility the children show as they become increasingly expert across all aspects of the curriculum.

Over this year, a range of learning opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom, have been organised, so that we can apply the core knowledge and skills as we build upon previous understanding to become increasing expert. We are looking forward to being creative or solve problems as we learn about tourism, volcanoes, the Roman and Maya Empires and the environment. There is also going to lots of learning outside the classroom, with residential visits to London and the Peak District, day trips linked to our topics and the chance to be in a school production. We know that some of what we will do will be difficult this year. But with some help and support - either from the adults or each other - or by showing some maturity and resilience - we are up for the challenge!


Class 5 2023-24


Class 5 Topic Web Terms 5 and 6 2023-24