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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5, where we have an adventurous recipe for our year ahead!

 Class 5's Recipe:

  • Spoon in 500g of a creative, engaging topic-based curriculum.
  • Carefully pour in 250ml of happiness and smiley faces.
  • Gradually mix with a large scoop of resilience.
  • Dollop in a cup of open-mindedness and maybe another for good measure.
  • Add a giant glug of risk-taking for those hearty challenges.
  • Sieve in a generous amount of positivity to keep us persevering.
  • Finally, garnish with an even dusting of independence and scatter over a large sprinkle of curiosity.
  • Bake for a year to allow exploration, experiences and empowering learners to truly blossom and grow!

 Over the year, there are many topics to explore which will help us develop and build on all these skills. From the Ancient Greeks, to disappearing into mystical lands of magic and fantastic beasts, the year ahead is filled with opportunities to discover, discuss and deepen understandings. Within the classroom, there is a huge focus on developing learners who are resilient and independent so the pupils can take ownership of their learning. Most of all though, learning is fun! In Class 5, lessons aim to ignite curiosity and inspire minds. Through which, questioning of the world around us and expanding on knowledge will become prevalent.

Being in upper key stage 2 means the children are now role models for the younger years in the school. There are many opportunities for the children to take on a range of leadership roles, including Worship Leaders, Sports Leaders and School Council, to take their role modelling to the next level.

  Class 5 Topic Web Terms 1 and 2 2022-23