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All Cannings Curriculum intent

At All Cannings C of E School, the overriding ambition for our curriculum is that “our learning makes a difference”. Our aim is that this change takes place on a personal level and by making a difference to the lives of others. This way, learning not only has an impact on altering their long-term memory as they deepen and link concepts, but influences how they act and feel, both towards others and towards themselves.

Our Golden Threads of Articulation, Connection, Empathy and Impact run through all opportunities we provide to strengthen concepts and make links, both between subjects and what is learnt in and out of the classroom. These enable our curriculum to meet the children’s current needs and ensure they are secondary school ready when they leave us in Y6.

Articulation Connection Empathy Impact

Children can explain and discuss a concept with confidence, using appropriate terminology and accurate technical vocabulary.

They have the confidence to voice their own thoughts and opinions, whilst listening to the views of others.

Children can use and link new knowledge, skills and vocabulary to deepen their understanding of existing concepts.

They can relate and connect these to past and future learning, as well as their own personal experiences.

Children are able to understand the effect actions and events have on the lives of individuals and communities, both now and in the past.

They are increasingly able to relate their own experiences with those of others within a range of ever-widening situations.

They can describe and recognise the inevitability of change.

They appreciate the legacy that events, actions and choices, including their own, have on future cultures and lives.

They have the skills and attitudes to manage change within their own lives and the belief that they can make a difference.


We underpin a rich and diverse curriculum with our school’s Christian values that are core to everything we do at All Cannings. These can be seen in action throughout the curriculum and have a clear impact on the development of our children.


Pupils who are self-assured and have a strong sense of self-worth


Pupils who value the well-being of everyone


Pupils who are creative and reflective questioners


Pupils who are active members of communities


Pupils who make a difference to the lives of others


Pupils who live and learn with passion and curiosity

As a result, All Cannings children have the confidence to take risks, understand this is how, both individually and collectively we grow and have the knowledge and attitude to achieve beyond expectations. This enables every member of the school community to remember, recognise and demonstrate that … our learning makes a difference.

All Cannings Curriculum - Implementation

All Cannings Curriculum - Impact

To find out more about our school curriculum, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the office, so that a meeting can be set up for you to meet with Mr Borman (Headteacher) or Mrs Kelly (Deputy Headteacher).