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All Cannings Curriculum intent

At All Cannings we provide a purposeful curriculum that ensures our learning makes a difference to themselves and others.   

Whilst in our care, the children become increasingly expert at:

  • Sharing their learning and opinions with confidence
  • Deepening their knowledge and understanding by recognising and creating links
  • Reflecting upon and relating their own experiences to those of others
  • Believing they can each make an impact beyond All Cannings


We expect them to show these with increasing independence whilst here at school so they can apply them to their lives and learning, both now and into the future.     

We underpin a rich and diverse curriculum with our school’s Christian values that are core to everything we do at All Cannings. These can be seen in action throughout the curriculum and have a clear impact on the development of our children.


Pupils who are self-assured and have a strong sense of self-worth


Pupils who value the well-being of everyone


Pupils who are creative and reflective questioners


Pupils who are active members of communities


Pupils who make a difference to the lives of others


Pupils who live and learn with passion and curiosity

All Cannings Curriculum - Implementation

All Cannings Curriculum - Impact

Our Golden Threads

To find out more about our school curriculum, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the office, so that a meeting can be set up for you to meet with Mr Borman (Headteacher) or Mrs Kelly (Deputy Headteacher).