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School Council

Since September, the School Council have been working hard, demonstrating their enthusiasm and commitment to both the school, the pupils and our local community.

They began the year by organising a Macmillan Coffee Morning which raised a huge £293! The children worked well in teams to organise tables and chairs, crockery, cakes, a competition to guess the weight of the cake and a very popular creche!

They served tea, coffee and cakes to parents, family and friends aswell as local residents and All Cannings Pre-school and most importantly made everyone feel extremely welcome! 

Last year, the children decided they wanted to continue litter picking within the school grounds. The chairperson drew up a rota for morning playtimes and the children diligently carried out their task.

During the February meeting the children suggested that it would be good to do something for the village. After some discussion they decided upon using their litter picking experience to offer their services to All Cannings Parish Council. A letter was quickly written and forwarded to the clerk. The children’s offer of help was quickly accepted and The All Cannings Wombles reported for duty in May.

The School Council are constantly thinking of things that they want to do and ways of contributing to our school and community. They take their role of being the pupils' voice, very seriously and happily give up time to do so.