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Class 2

Using the storybook The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark as a starting point, Class 2 have been focusing on the significance of light and dark in daily life. In an attempt to convince Plop (the owl) to overcome his fear of the dark, we have been looking at various aspects of light and dark to display a variety of vital uses for both in the world around us. We have looked at light sources (both natural and manmade), reflectors of light and shadows.

Class 2 have also been exploring the importance of light in plant growth, planting a variety of seeds and bulbs, observing and recording both similarities and differences. The children have dramatized the life cycle of plants using their own bodies and watched both daffodils and sunflowers germinate and begin to grow.

During our art lessons, the children have been looking at the works of Van Gogh and Giacometti to explore shades/tones and the use of shadow sculptures to portray emotion.

In English, Class 2 have been focusing on fictional writing – using the books Funnybones and The Dark to create a class story (performed through a choral speaking exercise) and their own individual ‘spooky’ stories. We have been learning about setting, character, sequencing of plot and repeated phrases to create suspense. We have also been exploring the use of adjectives to improve our sentences.

As the next term begins, we will explore more uses of light and dark through the growth of solar powered energy, light’s role in the production of food and explore animals that require the dark to survive. We hope we can convince Plop that both light and dark are necessary to our lives!



Class 2 Topic Web Summer Term 2020-21