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Class 2

In Class 2, we build on the positive relationships forged in Class 1, encouraging our pupils to see themselves as part of a team and to believe that they each have something special to offer. We place great emphasis on embracing pupils’ curiosity and on developing their independence and willingness to try new things with both confidence and resilience. 

To encourage creative and innovative deep learning, our curriculum is delivered via carefully selected topics in a cross-curricular, skills-based format using the children's own interests as starting points. 

Some maths and English is taught more discreetly, but we constantly make links with other learning and the relevance and application of skills in real life. Children are encouraged to reflect on their learning and to appreciate the importance of making mistakes in moving their learning forward.

This year, our cross-curricular learning will be driven by topics such as ‘Life on the Ocean Waves’ (inspired by the voyages of Christopher Columbus and other explorers); ‘It Started with a Mouse’ (focusing on the life and works of Walt Disney to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Disney) and ‘Once Upon a Time’, in which we will immerse ourselves in stories and make the most of our idyllic setting in the heart of Wiltshire to develop our own mini Market Garden.


Class 2 Topic Web Terms 1 and 2 2022-23